Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Hip Butt Massage

Every active person needs the benefits that only massage can deliver to their glutes and hip flexors. Here’s how to get those benefits when you need them.

To get the best massage for your hips and glutes, you’ll need a couple of massage tools. For your hip flexors, those skeletal muscles that flex your hips, you'll need a Backnobber II. For your glutes a hard squash ball, super ball, or golf ball will come in handy. You'll also need a hard chair. If you have any questions about whether your hips and glutes should be massaged or any of the techniques described in this post consult your doctor, massage therapist, or medical practitioner.

Eight Steps to a Hip Glute Massage
Step 1
Glide your hands over your hips to warm them up.

Step 2: Hip Massage Using Your Hands

Stroke #1: Sitting akimbo, press your hands into your hips and roll your pelvis slowly in small circles. This should feel good.

Stroke #2: Place your thumbs on your front hip flexors (the place where your thigh meets your hips). Four fingers from each hand rest on your sides and extend towards the seat of the chair. Press & roll your thumbs into your hip flexors. If nothing else it will give your thumbs a pretty good workout. Relax your hips while pressing & rolling your thumbs. Move your thumbs around until you’ve explored the territory.

Stroke #3: Holding your hands at 90 degree angles to the sides of your hips press and press & roll your finger tips directly into the sides and backs of your hip flexors. Again explore the terrain.

Stroke #4: Press and press & roll the heels of your hands into your front hip flexors. Use your upper body weight to lean into it. Move your hips in small circles clockwise, then counter clockwise, and adjust your hands ever so slightly until you’ve got it covered.

Step 3: Hip Massage Using The Backnobber II
Stroke #1: Press and press & roll the Backnobber II into the muscle and fleshy areas on the sides of your hips. Begin at the back of your hips and gradually press & roll your way to the front. Lean your hip into the knob at the end of the massage tool while relaxing your hips. I don’t recommend massaging your hip bone with the massage tool. When you've finished massaging one side move onto the other.

Stroke #2: Front Hip Flexors
Hold the massage tool perpendicular to the floor. When massaging your right hip flexor rest the top knob on your right hip flexor. Place your left hand just above the knob and your right hand on the inside of the tool even with your right thigh and press down. Be careful you’re in delicate territory here. Go slowly and get comfortable with this stroke. Move your hands slightly to massage different spots. Or just rotate your hips in small circles. Be careful. Relax and breathe into it.

Stroke #3: Rest the bottom S curve on your front hip flexor. Then, sitting up straight, just press on the top of the upright S. Press, and press & roll the curved section at the bottom of the S into your hip flexors.

There are many more variations you can try with the Backnobber II. Find some that work for you.

Step 4: Booty Ball Massage
Place a small hard rubber ball* under your glutes and rotate your hips in small circles, clockwise and then counter clockwise. Periodically shift the position of the ball. Continue shifting the ball and circling your hips. You may find that different sized balls work better for different parts of your glutes, depending on the size of the padding in your chair and your seat. After massaging one side give your other seat a treat.

Step 5: More Booty Ball Massage
After moving the ball to your other side follow the same routine of rolling your hips and moving the ball ever so slightly until your glutes have been massaged. Stay relaxed and breathe deeply into your butt.

Step 6 Gliding
Repeat Step 2 by gliding your hands over your hips.

Step 7 Drumming
Drum, slap, or tap your hips and glutes with the heels of your hands or your fists. You’ll have to stand up to drum your glutes but it’s worth getting up for.

Step 8 Rock’n Roll
Get up and shake it, move your booty, your hips, dance!

Test: OK, now get up, walk around, and feel the difference a hip butt massage can make.

Suggested Time: 5 to 10 minutes (but take as long as you need)

Conclusion: Try variations on this routine every time your hips or butt feel a little tight.

* I highly recommend a hard squash ball. Squash balls are made of rubber of two types: hard and soft. The hard ones make great massage tools, the soft ones do not. Squash balls are a little smaller than a golf ball. Any hard rubber ball about the size of a golf ball should work. A golf ball can also be used but is not as effective as a hard rubber ball.

For more information on hip flexors: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hip_flexors

For more information on the gluteus maximus muscle: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glutes

And for more than you ever wanted to know about the butt: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butt

And to watch the YouTube video The Hip Booty Massage: Do It While You View It

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Melissa P said...

Good blog on how to massage the hip and butt with tools! Honestly as a Massage Therapist I prefer hands on massages! Their is nothing better than a butt massage lol! If course if you can't get one the tools are the next best thing! I love my 2.0 grid foam roller! 😊