Saturday, October 4, 2008

Self-Massage for Runners Calf Muscles

Every runner’s calves need massage once in a while, here’s how to get it done fast and effectively.

Eight Steps to Grateful Calves
Step 1: Choose the calf that most needs a massage.
Step 2: Glide your hands over that calf to warm it up, from your ankle to your knee.
Step 3: Squeeze your calf muscles with both hands moving from your ankle towards your knee. Look for tender areas and work them a little extra. One hand should be on top of your shin bone (tibia) and the other under your calf.
Step 4: Squeeze and roll the calf muscles with both hands, begin at your ankle and move gradually towards your knee.
Step 5: Press both fists into your calf muscles moving gradually from ankle to knee.
Step 6: Press while rolling your fists vigorously into your calf muscles especially the ones on either side of your shin. Keep the muscles relaxed while you massage them and breathe out deeply.
Step 7: Repeat Step 3 by squeezing your warmed relaxed calf muscles moving from your ankle gradually towards your knee. When you’ve had enough, start
Step 8: Drumming the entire area you just massaged using your open hands.
Test: OK, get up, walk around, and feel the difference between your lower legs. Then get your butt back down and do your other leg.
Suggested Time: 2.5 minutes per calf (but take as long as you need)

Extra: All you need for a good lower leg massage is a hand and a leg. To go deeper try a massage tool, like the one pictured called the Knobble II, that will do your calves good. Press it directly

into your calf muscles beginning near your ankle and moving up gradually towards your knee. Keep the muscles relaxed and press into every spot on your calf. To go deeper, try rolling the tool as you press into the soleus and gastrocs that make up your calf muscles.

Try variations on this routine every time your calves need a treat. Self-massage it’s not just for cheapskates anymore.

Watch the YouTube video of this massage Lower Leg Massage: Do It While You View It

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